2003-06-04 19:14:57 ET

my car is fucked...pistons and engine seals shot...i have 2 options to fix it...

rebuilt engine= $2700.00

brand new engine= $4110.00

i am fucked.

waiting to retake my suicide girl pictures for 2 weeks when i can borrow a 4.0 megapixel camera because the 2.0 is not good enough.

i hate my life. shoot me in the face please.

2003-06-04 19:21:54 ET

just buy a new car...i guess. good cars dont cost that much. fixing yer engine would be like buying a new neck for a guitar...and that's just crazy.

2003-06-04 19:24:22 ET

Buy a new car..2 grand or less :-/

2003-06-04 19:25:02 ET

well yea. if yer poor, that's all you need.

2003-06-04 19:27:05 ET

I bought my Regal for 500 bucks. I coulda put 500 bucks into it for a Maaco/earl sheib job, dumped another 500 into getting it running just right...and voilda, 1500 bucks and i've got a like new ride. But that's a whole 'nother story.

2003-06-04 19:29:15 ET

exactly. just gotta have a little luck and a litle money..and you have a car.

2003-06-04 20:24:00 ET

i spent $500 on my car!
what you should do is to to auctions and find cars that are like your but smashed especially in the back, and transplant the engine! hoping you find a good engine on a smashed car. that and i think this method is a bit cheaper.

2003-06-05 06:29:50 ET

YES! car auctions kick ass. that's prolly where i'm gonna get mine from. you can get good cars from those super cheap.

2003-06-09 10:24:34 ET

i think i will go with the rebuilt engine...my car has never been in a wreck...i bought it new...it will have a warranty again after that...and then i will get more trade in value for in when i do that in about 2 years because of all the above mentioned...

2003-06-09 10:26:15 ET

that works.

2003-06-10 05:35:01 ET


2003-06-24 20:08:57 ET

What happened to your car?

2003-06-25 09:00:02 ET

the seals in the engine went bad.

2003-06-25 18:57:08 ET

I see, that really sucks.

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