2003-06-22 07:11:24 ET


got real ill last week and had to go to the hospital...feel better.

saw one man army and the alkaline trio friday.

the vexed play tonight at el torreon in KCMO...you should go if you live here...it is our last show at el torreon because sadly it is closing....we play with the havoc....blah.

now i think i have an ear infection...i woke up too late today...i will have to do my hair after i get off work...LAME.

2003-06-22 08:39:46 ET

good luck tonight sweetheart!! i will try my damnedest to make it out there!!

2003-06-23 17:15:26 ET

i listened to that cd in my car today...pretty okay stuff...who is it again????

2003-06-23 20:56:38 ET

its my lil brothers band...im so proud of him...19 fresh outta high school and he is touring and recording and stuff. their new stuff isnt like that so much. put a lot more rock n roll into it. motorhead/acdc style.

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