2003-06-28 16:42:20 ET

so kyle and i went out the other night and rented a shit ton of movies...5 total. yesterday we watched deadh race 200 and it fucking rocked...that was the first time i had watched it and it is now on my list of favorite movies. we just watched class of nuke em high....it rocked...the other movies we rented that we shall watch are:

-attack of the killer tomatos (which is a damn fine film i might say)

-ticks (have not seen it as of yet)

-metropolis (not seen this one, but heard great things about it)

renting movies rocks.

we found this awesome site badmovies.org and they have a wonderful site full of great films such as these. wow.

my chest hurts. damn sunburn.

i fucked the sweat out of kate<-----this is what kyle says.<BR>

tomorrow i get ink...how much i am not sure, but i shall post pix.

go buy vexed shit at http://www.thevexed.com assholes gay fuckers of carrot juice.

2003-06-28 16:57:39 ET

there's a local band called the vex. how funny.


2003-06-28 21:20:58 ET

never heard of them....they should buy a domain...pop up ads are the worst.

2003-06-28 21:35:06 ET

ya, I agree. stupid kids.

2003-07-16 08:53:43 ET

Is the "Metropolis" the 1926 black and white Fritz Lang movie or the anime remake?

2003-07-17 05:43:01 ET

the 1926 one yo

2003-07-17 10:16:45 ET

good, the anime remake sucks.

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