2003-07-15 12:28:20 ET

yesterday was my birthday...the big 25...watched the toxic avenger with kyle...part 1 and part 2...i put my 2 weeks notice in today at the factory...good thing i suppose because they are starting to lay off 5 a day...why they want to keep me around i will never my suicide girls sent in...they said it should be up by the end of the month...rock and roll...i need the extra cash yo.

2003-07-15 12:41:40 ET

Happy late birthday

2003-07-16 09:51:49 ET

Yeah, happy late birthday. The big 25, eh? =)

2003-07-17 05:43:25 ET

thanks guys....

2003-07-17 05:45:16 ET

happy belated birthday... you can now rent a car and get cheap car insurance :)

why those words are underlined..i have no idea??

2003-07-19 16:00:28 ET

Sometimes certain browsers do that.

2003-07-21 11:45:48 ET

thats awsome, happy birthday.
my 20th was on friday. that was pretty shitty.
getting old. hahah its all down hill from here. jokes.
good choice in movie though, classic!

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