4.    2009-12-16 12:21:02 ET

I made this

 3.    2009-12-16 10:29:34 ET

I FOUND A GEM!!! A delicious coffee shop located in my neighborhood...IN MY BANK! Yes it is in the same building as my bank. Now see, I live in Dunkin Donuts capital of the world (if you have ever been to boston you know what I mean) And dunkin donuts makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. After living in the pacific northwest for two years (mecca of coffee) I am very jaded. So to find a real "3rd wave coffee"** roaster in my area, that roasts locally...well it already is christmas for me pretty much. Thanks santa.
Side Note-we have no toilet paper. fuck.

**this refers to a recent article in GQ about the best coffee you can find.

 2.    2009-12-16 06:16:51 ET

I wish I could inject summer back into the air. Today is a cold day in Boston.
This is my only day off for the next week and a half. Then Kyle will Arrive on the 23rd for San Diego. xmas is not a big holiday in my family, and kyles lady just broke up with him so he is coming to spend a jew christmas with me (meaning chinese food and a movie).

I've decided I wont to move to italy, and not work as hard.

 1.    2009-12-15 23:44:57 ET
Oh hello there SK.
It has been a while.

This is what happens,
I take over the internet in short bursts...then disappear. I do this IRL as well.

My feet are cold. Its late. I don't normally stay up this late.
Good night.

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