2009-12-16 06:16:51 ET

I wish I could inject summer back into the air. Today is a cold day in Boston.
This is my only day off for the next week and a half. Then Kyle will Arrive on the 23rd for San Diego. xmas is not a big holiday in my family, and kyles lady just broke up with him so he is coming to spend a jew christmas with me (meaning chinese food and a movie).

I've decided I wont to move to italy, and not work as hard.

2009-12-16 06:20:28 ET

Bring me to Italy with you?
Spain would be good, too. Siestas.

2009-12-16 06:21:44 ET

Hows about Barcelona?

2009-12-16 06:23:59 ET

Ready when you are.

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