2009-12-16 12:43:33 ET

Ever since I quit smoking three weeks ago, all I want is cookies. Cookies, chocolate, sugar, candy. I have never craved something so much in my entire life. It almost hurts, in my gut.
Thankfully being a vegan I haven't gained as much weight as a lot of people do when they quit smoking...but 10lbs is still no fun.

So Instead of pigging out on sugar after just getting home from the gym, I made myself a cup of oolong tea and had a few almonds.
le sigh.

2009-12-25 06:55:08 ET

Wait, quitting smoking results in weight gain? Doesn't always work the other way round then, does it? Ever since I started, I've been eating anything that stays still long enough to be killed. I thought increased appetite only happened with weed :S

2009-12-25 06:55:38 ET

btw, I added yo ass on Last FM.

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