2009-12-16 17:43:43 ET

On the couch with these two. I have to get up at 5:30. Gross.

OH by the way, It is snowing! It is snowing, I am in my slippers and flannel eating oreos, watching the x-files. My life rules.

2009-12-16 19:05:48 ET

im obsesssssed with the xfiles.
so wonderful :)

2009-12-17 04:22:06 ET

I hope that shit goes up on Netflix instant soon. I'm so gay for David D

2009-12-19 11:58:45 ET

i've only ever watched 1 episode of the xfiles. and that was because a teacher of mine made us watch it in class.

2009-12-20 15:39:04 ET

get on that shit, cyndi.

2009-12-20 16:40:59 ET

One day... :)

2009-12-23 18:01:36 ET

I was thinking just the other day that if they make a new X-Files movie (one that's a real x-files movie this time) they should start it off with Mulder running for some reason while Sweet's "Fox on the Run" plays over.

2009-12-28 17:46:24 ET

This sounds like a fantastic idea leo.

I now own season 1 & 2!!!

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