2009-12-28 17:53:47 ET

Hello! If you have not seen let the right one in, I suggest you do. Young beautiful sweedish vampires that ice seem warm.

I have not posted for a few days because I manage a store that gets pretty crazy during the holiday season. I worked a little under 60 hours and have had one day off in about 15 days. ugh.

What I got for christmas
-Salad Spinner
Not just any salad spinner...this salad spinner is electric and also a food processor

Oster Blender
ALSO not just a blender...this has a food processor as well.

Only Revolutions by Mark Danielewski
A book by the guy who wrote house of leaves. I'd say this is way more of a difficult read than HOL.

Vegan Yum Yum
A new vegan cookbook that my brother got signed by the author for me. I already made the mac 'n' cheese. SOOO GOOD.

And some other crap. Anyway, I just put a put of silver yin zhen pearls on for tea, and then bed.

What did you get for christmas?

2009-12-28 18:09:59 ET

that movie is fantastic.

2009-12-28 18:12:26 ET

i love that movie. I received a mustache comb and scissors.

2009-12-28 19:34:12 ET

Such a good movie.

2009-12-29 03:15:19 ET


i got uh...some money...thats about it. kenny's family is poor.

2009-12-29 03:43:37 ET

2)clothes steamer
4)slippers (co-worker)
5)dylans candy store chocolate cupcake body scrub (secret santa)

2009-12-29 05:34:23 ET

Yeah my dad got me a "guilt bag" which was sharpies and a calculator from his work because he couldn't afford anything. :(

Getting a blender and a salad spinner made me feel old.

2009-12-29 05:43:36 ET

i have a eraseboard on my refrigerator from the foodstamp administration of nyc & my mom gifted me with nyc measuring cups. she works for the city of ny.

We exchange office supplies throughout the year. Being poors not so bad. They make those things to be given away.

2009-12-29 05:50:26 ET

a t shirt from the best food cart on the planet
The complete Bone, by Jeff Smith

and I got my girlfriend back

2009-12-29 10:28:19 ET

That's some nice loot. I'll have to check out that movie. Hope it's available on netflix.

2009-12-29 11:08:07 ET

It,s available for instant streaming and dvd i think.

2009-12-29 12:29:26 ET


2010-01-06 19:09:25 ET

The cat scene is awesome.

2011-02-11 05:30:12 ET

that chick was a guy!!!!!

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