2003-07-20 01:57:25 ET

I think it's time for a break from the clubs again. Stupidity is at it's highest. There must be something in the water cause people are being really damn shady. So last week was the whole Brian fight fiasco (he's one of the djs at alchemy and a dc "icon". Apparently he punched the sound guy in the face and caused a massive scene in the street. Nothing like a crazed man being held back by very big breasted strippers. I guess you had to be there). Tonight's fiasco began with the usual venture to shitty Midnight. This club makes Downtime look like heaven. : p
Time for the list (too tired for details):
-not enough alcohol. in order to have a good time at this club, large amounts should be consumed to block out whales in corsets and disturbing smells from the dancefloor.don't even get me started on the music. nasty.
-walking from the car to the club, having a car full of guys yell shorty at me, ignoring them, having them illegally cross 2 lanes of traffic, get out of the car and continue to yell at us. Thank goodness sixx was around to protect.
-table with cake on it (4 pieces left, surprisingly) with only extremely "big" people sitting around it. oh the irony.
-watching the prostitutes working right in front of club. it's amusing watching them trying to walk in those shoes
-creepy guy in plaid shorts, sneakers and almost to the knees socks trying to hit on me *shudders*
-some nut shooting at us with a paint ball gun outside the club. he got 2 people.
-the german looking dude from venezuela rocking out in his car next to us. Little Jose whose only been here 5 months sure knows his way around D.C. I've lived here for what, 22 years?? and still get lost.
-Georgetown Cafe. Lots of sex talk. High school memories. Mafia lookin arabic waiter. BUT nothing beats the kitchen worker licking the wood paneling on the wall then smiling at jeniphir. EEk.

So yes. I think that's about it. TOo long of an entry. Must get some sleep cause later I will be seeing Dave Gahan. I wonder what madness will happen today.

And i leave with the quote of the day (message to miss jeniphir" :
lilsuitepee (6:31:36 AM):"go sleep after lj , the sooner we sleep, the closer we get to dave gahan's pulsating crotch"

.....oh yeah.......


2003-07-20 03:17:11 ET

Oh man, that part about the pulsating crotch made me laugh out loud! :-D

2003-07-20 06:46:35 ET


Your horrendous club night made me lame one look like fun.

P.S. Club breaks are good.

2003-07-20 07:37:43 ET

yikes, dc's goin to pieces!

2003-07-21 23:52:25 ET

Lila (did i spell your name right?): I'm happy that I made you laugh!!!! Yay for smiles!

Bio: I will take Downtime over midnight any time!! Clubs would be better if you cool new york people were there to hang out as well. I wouldn't have to deal with club breaks if people didn't suck.

Liz: I know!!!!! Sheesh!!! I wonder what craziness will come this week. : P

2003-07-22 01:05:07 ET

Yes, my named is spelled perfectly! I've never been to Downtoime, but I can say that Midnight is horribley sad, and Miss Nancy is right: only huge amounts of distorted reality can make it tolorable.

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