"I'm taking a ride with my best friend..."
2003-07-21 22:33:48 ET

I saw Dave Gahan last night. I don't even know where to begin. The show was wonderful!!!!! It's going to be awhile before anything can top it. I recommend to everyone to see him. Those hips!!! The crotch grabbing!!! His voice was amazing. He looks damn good for being 44. Those promo pictures do him no justice. The best was seeing it with someone who loves depeche mode as much as myself. Jeniphir really helped make it more enjoyable. Overall 2 thumbs up. Don't worry.....exact details will come later (including the stake out....haha).

"It may have been a club show, but he gave a stadium performance." - a criticism my moi

2003-07-21 22:41:48 ET

ACK! I love Dave Gahan. I wish he was coming to Belgrade, boo hoo! I'm glad you had a good time :)

2003-07-21 23:47:40 ET

Thanks!!! Rumours heard at breakfast says he is going back to Europe after his US Tour. Keep an eye out he may be in your area. Shoot...if i can get my shizznat together i might be able to join ya.

2003-07-22 01:08:42 ET

Whoa....that would be ill as shit; Dave Gahan AND chillin with you!

2003-07-23 17:02:47 ET

Well from what I can find, he's playing different places in Germany during the month of November. Depending on my class schedule, I may go over. What do ya think? Let me know.

here's his website:

2003-07-23 21:54:05 ET

Awww poo. The latest I am staying in Belgrade is until mid October. Oh well...but if you still go, have a fucking BLAST :-D

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