C'est ma vie!!!!!!!!!
2003-09-04 07:28:17 ET

So yes...little busy body me has been ignoring SK. Sorry guys. So how is life you ask? Well let me tell you, so far so good. I started classes not too long ago. My English teacher likes to talk about Cheech and Chong, my german class could be cooler if there weren't these unbelievably annoying preps in my class, and modern art/pop culture seminar class is probably one of the best classes i will ever take. We have the best projects and papers to write. Wow, i'm actually enjoying writing papers. There must be something definitely wrong with me. Ha. In other news, the uber goober and his parents are moving back in 2 weeks instead of June as was planned before. They've asked me to move in with them so i can be Nanny Nancy. Oi. <--huge consumption of cheese right there. So i spent the last few days helping Ej find a job and a house. No job but we found the perfect house which i found out this morning we got!!!!!!!!! So hopefully in 2 weeks i will be out of my parents and into finally a nice snug place of my own. Oh yeah, my car is in working order after 6 months of horrible engine noise. So people come visit, the place is huge and there is room for overnighters. I must go munch on something before english. Oh yeah, did i mention i need to find a job, d'oh!!

2003-09-21 19:58:58 ET

sounds like things are going well... congrats on the new living situation.

2003-10-01 18:38:50 ET

I wish I had had teachers who sdounded like Cheech and Chong :)
I'm glad things are going so well; have fun being a nanny!

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