TV has stolen my brain...
2003-10-08 08:10:48 ET

Someone help me..I can't stop watching Carnivale.

Coupling sucks. Give me the BBC version any day.

Luca is not dead. Woohoo!

I miss Sex and the City.

I can go on but I'll stop here.

2003-10-08 09:21:21 ET

Luca is not dead? He's too sexy to be dead.

I didn't even get to see it. My friend told me about it. =(
I haven't watched the evil box in a long time.

2003-10-08 09:30:13 ET

I have wanted to check out Carnival; is it worth it?

2003-10-08 09:50:18 ET

Rebelina: That's what I thought too. Now I missed that episode as well but according to the commercials for the episode this thurs, he is alive and well, looking as good as ever. *drool*

Lila: Yes, it is SO worth it. Just make sure that when you watch it, you see the episodes in order. It's one of those shows where if you miss an episode, you end up being totally lost. And it's recommended to at least watch an episode twice. It's easier to catch on to the hidden stuff that way. At first it is confusing, but it eventually makes sense farther into the season.

2003-10-08 14:47:08 ET

It's all about Lifetime made for TV movies.

What really rocks out is watching Nature's favorite screw-ups battle it out... ... ..

2003-10-21 22:29:45 ET

I cant stop watching Carnivale either.

2003-10-22 11:35:55 ET

Bio: haha those damn lifetime made for tv movies. I'm still waiting for the one about that underground fighting fish ring. ; )

Charles Atlas: Me too!!! It's been awhile since a show makes me think like that one.

2003-10-22 14:27:06 ET

I have been watching Carneval myself since I read that you couldn't stop watching it, Nancy. It's really good. It reminds me in the mood and feeling of that show that was on for like one season, not even, like three episodes, American Gothic. That show was awesome and it got cancaled because prime-time TV viewers wouldn't know a good show if it crapped in their mouth. I'm glad cable channels like HBO still know what's up.

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