damn boy bands....
2003-10-21 22:08:52 ET

Tonight i was accosted by one of the guys in bone thugs and harmony. it was quick frightening and amusing.

2003-10-22 05:07:52 ET

Hahahahhaa, no way! That happened to my friend Adam when he went to a funeral in Ohio (this was a cuple years back). Hahahahaha!
Wbat were the circumstances?

2003-10-22 11:43:53 ET

At a funeral?? Whoa....Hahahaha.

They played here last night and my friends were working so i stopped by after the show was over to keep them company while they waited for everyone to leave. A tractor trailer w/ the equipment was trying to leave but ?Lazy Boy? and another member were standing in the way signing autographs. Obviously they were drunk so i asked them to move to the side so they wouldn't get run over. The one guy was all like, "thank you baby for saving my life. blahblah." I told him the worst way to ruin a good night would be smooshed by a truck. He asked if i was at the show but told him no that i had another plans. He looked all hurt but said i missed a good show and shouldn't miss the next one. Later on i was talking to my friend when that guy came up from behind, covered my eyes,put his arm around my waist, and said, "boo..stick im up" and ran away. I was frightened for a sec cause the club isn't in the best neighborhood and have problems with the bums. My friend said, "do you know who that was" I just shrugged. He said, "the head man of bone thugs" Funny little drunk rappers. Haha.

2003-10-22 14:29:26 ET

Hahahaha, that story is awesome. The one my friend Adam had the altercation with was none other than YOUR bone thug LaZ-E-Bone as well! That guy needs to calm down I guess, hahahaha.

2003-10-22 18:31:23 ET

aw, you could have hooked up with a hip hop star! you threw it all away! lol...

2003-11-03 12:21:17 ET

ooh lady that's awesome!

2003-11-03 12:30:39 ET

I found out which one it was. Whoever "cottonmouth" is, that's the man. Haha...apparently they asked if i was going to new york. Haha...and i looked like ASS! that day! Apparently there are rumors now that i was on the bus??? Damn people trying to spread false lies!!!!!

Lila: Thanks! but i have to say, nothing beats your r.kelly story. that will forever be a classic!!! So what was this situation at this funeral?? Please don't tell me it was whole Absolutely Fab skit and lazybone fell in the grave or something.

Mike: hahaha!! I saw some of those girls that were "hanging" out on the buses. Triflin! The really ugly ones came off the icp bus. *shudders*

Emily: thank you! by the way, the halloween pictures....girl...HAWT STUFF!!!!!!

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