2003-11-18 06:59:32 ET

I need to do something exciting today. Going stir crazy being stuck in the house for 3 days. Damn cold!!! 2nd time already this winter.

2003-11-18 07:09:35 ET

go ice skating!

2003-11-18 07:15:20 ET

OOoOOoo...that sounds like a good idea. Too bad there is nobody around to go with me. : (

2003-11-18 07:15:54 ET

: (

isnt miss Phir living up there now? Make her go!

2003-11-18 07:19:52 ET

Yeah but she's working 2 jobs. She doesn't get off from the kennedy center till 9pm.Everyone else is either working or have to stay home with their kids. Maybe this weekend.

2003-11-18 09:19:34 ET

yeah, the cold is not my friend either. i want to beat it up.

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