What the fuck??????!!!!!!
2003-11-18 07:09:35 ET

Ok..I think it's time to move away from the nation's capitol. It's bad enough being a hot spot for terrorists but we had the sniper shootings last year, gang wars now, and the serial arsonist going on. Now I wasn't worried about the arsonist till the fucker hit a house not too far from me and extremely close to friends of mine.
I definitely know i won't be sleeping well tonight.


2003-11-18 09:20:22 ET

there's this little town south of you called richmond. there's awesome people there... you should move ;)

2003-11-18 11:58:04 ET

oh man.
That's crazy, Nancy.

Stay alive and well!!
I'll be in DC thursday evening and friday. :X

2003-11-19 16:55:48 ET

ahh dc. always exciting.

2004-02-05 11:57:32 ET

then theres the having the nation's highest murder rate, or so I've been told

2004-02-05 12:01:20 ET

Hmmm... we do?? I thought Baltimore was #1. Oh well, I wouldn't be surprised with things going on recently.

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