New PeekTures:
2004-01-08 22:27:58 ET

I finally got some more film developed plus I figured out an uber easy way to upload them (thanks to mom's new computer) so be expecting to see more photographs!

Lauren and Gavin at Bailey's Day

2004-01-08 22:34:55 ET

awww so cute!

2004-01-08 22:56:10 ET

That child is adorable. <3

2004-01-09 13:02:36 ET


I may or may not be trekking down to DC next weekend. 8]

2004-01-14 15:12:58 ET

prepare to commence with cutesy baby talk in 3...2...1...

2004-02-01 17:12:50 ET

That's for the compliments everyone! He's one of the coolest babies that I know. Just wait till you see the photos of him decked out in his motorcycle gear!

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