2006-05-29 12:53:05 ET

Wow. It's been a very,very long time. Almost a year since I last updated. Oh poor SK. I promise not to neglect you for so long. Anyways. I'm ms.busy body. Work takes up most of my time but with the school year almost over, I'm looking forward to some well deserved rest. Heavy Rebel Weekend may be a go this year as is a possible trip to the ole NYC. Since Nation will soon be demolished for baseball, big clubs have lost the appeal to me. 2006 is the year of dive bars and southern comfort. Poor boring dc. Baltimore is looking better and better.

I'm looking forward to some new faces. Don't be shy, say hello!

A make no sense entry. What fun. I'm tired. I'm out.

2006-05-29 17:44:43 ET

Well holy crap. I thought you had given up on us. I hope you make it to Heavy Rebel this year as well. I was supposed to go to Convergence 12 and even purchased my tickets and made hotel reservations but ended up getting denied time from work. I hope you make out better. ROCK!

2006-05-30 10:08:52 ET

No! How can I ever give up on SK! There are too many memories on this place. That sucks that work wouldn't give you the time off. I have the opposite problem. I have the time off but just not the money!!! Blah. I hope you got your money back at least? Convergence 12 was in New Orleans this year right?? I hope I may it to N.Carolina too. Any trips to DC any time soon?? You know Nation will be closing soon.

2006-05-30 13:01:54 ET

I didn't know that Nation was closing. Hum. Wonder what's up with that. Last time I was in town I went to a night event accross the street in a small club...don't remember the name. Anyways, that is kind of sad.

I am getting out of the Army next week and I will be making frequent trips from my home in Ohio to Washigton DC. Most likely two times a month if I have my way so YES!

Yeah C12 was in New Orleans. I managed to get some of my money back. I still had a $136 hotel charge from not cancelling 72 hours in advance which I think is unreasonable. Oh well. Ancient History. Good Luck!

2006-05-30 21:00:17 ET

I never update my shit either, don't feel bad. I occasionally pop on to see people who update. I want to go back to NY.

2006-06-01 16:00:57 ET

Come to NYC, Nancy! A hot date awaits you.

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