Entry #4.3
2002-10-24 15:10:01 ET

Finally this is all over. The sniper has been caught. Actually more like snipers....a man and his 17 year old stepson. The stepson's life is over and it's a shame because he is so young. 6 counts of murder so far which could receive the death penanlty. I'm just glad this is finally over.

2002-10-24 15:18:36 ET

i feel ya on that one..cuz i was suppose to go to Maryland this summer..and now i can =D weeee.

2002-10-24 15:36:03 ET

fucked up place. dont we all feel safer? i mean... if you live anywhere near NJ, philly, washingtown, baltimore... eek. i feel better too... but for some reason, i'm skeptical of who they caught.

2002-10-24 15:46:44 ET

it's about fucking time y0
viva la maryland

2002-10-24 15:50:02 ET

haha. that's my hometown.

2002-10-24 16:04:05 ET

yes I agree I live in VA and he shot his last victim only an hour away > Just so screwed up 10 ppl had to die and 3 more wounded

2002-10-25 12:37:37 ET

It was scary cause i live only 2 min away from the Home Depot. Hearing all the police sirens and helicopters freaked me out. Hopefully now nobody will have to worry about that.

2002-10-26 00:24:49 ET

It's especially disturbing when you think about it and realize that if they had stopped at 5 or so, they'd have gotten away with it. They could have relocated and got off completely free, or even continued their hunt. But they didn't. As is usually the case with serial killers, they got cocky and thought they were completely immune to everything. Well, when they woke up from their little nap in their car, surrounded by SWAT teams, I hope they realized how wrong they were and just how hard they're gonna get the book thrown at them.

2002-10-26 23:09:25 ET

is it over? damn I gotta stop drinkin' and get back into the real world. how did the police find them?

2002-10-26 23:26:53 ET

send all the hot police men to my house

2002-10-27 00:07:48 ET

ironically: asleep in their car at a rest stop. some guy recognized them and called the cops.

2002-10-27 00:08:00 ET

***hmmm....hot cops***

2002-10-27 00:08:51 ET

how did he know what they looked like?

2002-10-27 00:11:59 ET

the news had released pictures of the father, a description of his car, and the license plate number an hour before they got caught. I guess they had been sleeping for that long that they didn't hear they were being looked for. The stepson was an idiot and left his thumbprint on some letter he wrote. They connected it that way i guess.

2002-10-27 00:15:26 ET

oh cool, looks like the world is getting back to normal :) now that the moscow incident is over too

2002-10-27 00:30:16 ET

Is it??? What happened with that??

2002-10-27 00:31:39 ET

the russian commando blew up the back wall of the theatre and stormed the pace killing all of the terrorists.

2002-10-27 01:06:07 ET

damn. at least civilians made it out ok.

2002-10-27 01:10:21 ET

some of them
over 100 died

2002-10-27 01:13:55 ET

whoa....nobody's safe anymore

2002-10-27 01:18:28 ET

yeah but they saved 700+ ppl. and if they didn't storm the building they'd get almost 1000 people killed there

2002-10-27 09:56:51 ET

I heard that they gassed the terrorists in the theater. Someone please tell me they didn't... At least the damn terrorists are dead. I hate how people think that killing innocents is acceptable to get yourself heard. Wow, you goddamn palestinans. You blew up a bus full of schoolgirls and grandmothers. You big bad men you! And they go out thinking they will go straight to Heaven or whatever, because they think they are dying for a cause. Organized religion is the worst thing that has happened to humans.

2002-10-27 20:20:01 ET

Thermo: you are so incredibly right! except one thing-the true motive behind it all isn't fame or blind faith, its money.

2002-10-27 21:07:25 ET

Well, you'd have to be extraordinarily stupid to kill yourself for money... but hey, knowing how the palestinians seem to believe everything their rabid home-brew Koran specialists can cook up about the israelis, why the hell not?

2002-10-27 21:16:33 ET

its much more simple than that: those suicide bombers are usually kids, never much over 20.
these kids are raised in a belief that suicide can get them to heaven. After that they just go and do it, and their family gets something like 20000-30000 USD. a family there has 10+ kids so they make money.

a kid that goes out to throw rocks and molotov bottles at soldiers at a borderpass is paid $200 a month. lots of families there have no other income.

and of course the ones who send them out to do all of that receive millions from arab world countries who have that kind of money because they have oil.

2002-10-27 21:48:05 ET

Shit... I did not know that. Whoa. How did I manage to miss that?

2002-10-27 21:53:11 ET

well, these facts are known, but unlike the palestinians who would scream about every mishap all over the media, the israeli don't stoop to that level

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