2002-11-22 22:53:02 ET

Plans for tomorrow:
*gym in the morning
*round up the troops
*make way to jersey
*eat dinner in little portugal
*pick up stuff for mom and sister (trip to bakery)
*stop by mom's friend's shop to say hello (she used to clothe me when i was just a baby)
*stop by huge portuguese supermarket to see if hot butcher is still employed there (*keeping fingers crossed*)
*off to the life cried and cenobita show
*hanging out with sk people and actually talking (i will not be shy tomorrow) this time

must get some sleep.

2002-11-22 22:55:07 ET

You forgot
* get drink, dance, and smoke on.

2002-11-22 22:56:33 ET

oh shot...thanks for the reminder
oh yes
*micky dancing...oooohhhh noooo

2002-11-23 07:31:44 ET

hot butchers. ooo baby.
ask him for a hunk of meat. :X

i will be the socializing, too.

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