So much craziness!
2002-11-29 02:59:40 ET

Wed night:
20 min away from Richmond, I get a phone call saying, "Depeche Mode night sucks. Come meet us at Godfreys." It turns out that Rick was being a dick and would not let Jeniphir dj after all (even if she had, he wasn't going to pay her). So everyone went to horrible horrible Godfreys where my worst fears were proven true. People and their fucking VnV Nation bull shit. It's funny to see their sets have not changed since the last time i was there, OVER 3 months ago. It usually goes as follows: song, vnv, song, vnv, song, song, vnv. The same songs every time. We sucked it up and danced for a bit. Juno Reactor came on and I did my hip dance for everyone. Jeniphir and Rachel seemed to be in shock which surprised me. Jeniphir asked me to strip at her next party. lol. The night mostly consisted of drinking,lots of boobie action, ass ghetto smackin, and bad richmond dancing. I had a long island and some huge martini type drink (i don't remember what it was called). That's what kicked my ass. The bartender warned us in advance that it was strong. He wasn't kidding. There was some jerk that I had never seen before being a pain to everyone I know. I was bent down getting my cigarettes out of my bag when he kicked me TWICE in the ass. He kicked Rachel in the leg, hit Tammy in the head, and to top it off, attempted to stick his tongue down Jeniphir's throat after she told him to leave her alone. The bouncer did not want to kick him out as to not cause a scene but finally his roommate took him away. After the club,we all walked to 4th St. Diner for some sober up time. I honestly don't remember much of breakfast. There were so many people there and it was extremely hot. Eventually parts of my group began to leave. Tammy, Xtina and I were the only ones left at the end. When I was sober enough to drive, we made our way back home.

Thanksgiving Day:
Surviving on 2 hours of sleep, I spent the day helping my mom prepare for thanksgiving dinner. We were the only ones home so we blared some old skool portuguese music as we were choppin up vegetables. It's fun to hang out with my mom when she's in a good mood (which is rare these days). After hours of being in the kitchen, dinner came along and no one ate anything. We have so much left over. It's funny. The same thing happened at Jeniphir's as well.
They were having alchemy tonight so myself, xtina, and jeniphir (who is home for the weekend) decided to head out there. There were alot of people compared to the last few weeks. The music wasn't the best. Only towards the end did i feel the urge to dance. In the front room tonight they had a guest punk dj. He played "Kill the Poor" by the dead kennedys.Jeniphir and I were hopping in the background screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. Good times. We spent most of the time in the "VIP" room behind the dj booth. It's a nice area to talk to people without having to scream just to be heard. I was able to catch up with jeniphir since we never get to talk anymore. Tony was being weird but that's not new. Brian spoke to me tonight and gave me multiple hugs. It's strange. We've been introduced before but i never thought he remembered me (him being mr. big dj). He's a piercer at jinx proof now. Maybe i can talk to him about getting me a deal on repiercing my ears. There is not hurt in trying since if i went to someone else, they'd charge me too much money. We harassed six on the way out the door. Went to ihop (nothing exciting) and here i am now.

This past weekend:
This entry has gotten way too long so i'll keep this part short.

On Sat, xtina and I went to the show in new jersey. QXT's is really nice but there isn't much room for dancing. Life Cried was awesome. Cenobita could have been better. Everyone was there. I felt bad because I wanted to talk to people but i was uncomfortable being at a new place so i kept mostly to myself. Being horribly shy doesn't help either. I have to admit. They play much better music there than alchemy does sometimes. And last but not least, I finally got to meet the infamous Sykospark!

On Sun, we went down to the Richmond Tattoo Convention. Not really what i expected. Being the last day,there was barely anyone. It sucked cause i really wanted to get another tattoo but i was broke. : ( Note to self: never go to another convention with out money. And on that, i am going to bed.

2002-11-29 05:32:02 ET

meep! it was great meeting you :)
We should all hang out. you and xtina need to come up and visit me, and we'll r0x0r boston :)

2002-11-29 06:06:38 ET

Does 4th street diner still have grilled donuts,
it's the only place in the world I have ever seen
them, yuuummm. (or I could be thinking of somewhere
else - I was only there briefly many years ago)

2002-12-01 00:34:50 ET

Sykospark: Yes!!! It was awesome meeting you as well! Boston shenanigans will be in order once the weather improves. I would love to hang out since we couldn't really talk at the club. Then you must come down to DC for portuguese food and crazy dc driving!

milovoo: I'm not sure about those grilled donuts. I've never seen it on the menu but they have a really bad ass 3-Egg Platter.

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