2002-12-01 01:21:07 ET

It seems as if the quality of the DC clubs are starting to rapidly diminish. If it wasn't for spending time with friends, I'd just stay home.

I went to Midnight w/ Xtina and her friends from Chicago. It was horrible. I don't like going to clubs and just sitting, being bored out of my mind. They had some pineapple-head dj who played the most awful music. She played one Hocico song (which my friend had requested) and played only HALF OF IT!!!!!! The only good song of the evening which is really sad. Thank God we got in for free. I told Scott to never let her dj ever again. No one danced during her set (except during hocico). Ugghhh...i can't wait till xtina djs. Finally we'd have music to dance to (poor micky never dances anymore).

Highlights of the Evening:
*free drink from scott
*hanging out w/ xtina's chicago friends who are awesome
*hug from juan
*getting tickled assaulted by micky
*micky knocking over "belly dancer" girl while he was dancing (everyone knows not to dance anywhere near micky. if you venture into his dance space, it's at your own risk).
*accidently driving down a one way street into oncoming traffic (there were no signs!!!!!!) and more illegal dc driving
*hotness of dc policeman being mr. security near the white house
*showed Willis and Laila the Dave Grohl house. Had a good laugh about how i almost ran him over in DC.
*relieved that Keith did not come out tonight. i wasn't in the mood to be harrassed. Hopefully my not calling him back has given him the hint that i'm not interested in anything else other than being friends.

I did get some bad news tonight. Tanya's stepfather died in a motorcycle accident. It's not bad enough that her baby is in the hospital recovering from a heart defect. We used to be such good friends but drifted apart.(I have a hard time splitting time between my friends. Plus so many things were going on at that time. That was also during the "Kyle" period. Soon after that came the drug addicted friend who almost fucked up my life). Every week I see Dave (her co-worker) who has no problems rubbing in the fact that I'm a horrible friend for deserting her in her time of need. I would call her but i'm afraid of backlash. So now i just feel really shitty. "Worst Friend in the World" award for me.

2002-12-01 23:41:07 ET

you're a good friend to me ;P so you don't win the award for being the worst friend in the world. <3

you can always call her and see how she's doing, if she backlashes at you then don't sweat it. I doubt she will have the energy to do so after all the things that have gone on.

2002-12-02 19:48:31 ET

splitting time between friends = no really close friends

being there for all of your
friends in their time of need = becoming a drama queen

spending most of your time with
one group of (or one specific)
friend(s) = your other friends calling
you selfish or uncaring

there's always gonna be an imbalance in friendships (relationships).... don't worry about it... real friends are always gonna understand that life is hectic, and it's hard to catch up.

that, or you're a horrible

2002-12-03 06:48:31 ET

I would send her a sympathy wouldn't have the possible confrontation you might get with a phone call, and she would still know that you are thinking of her.

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