2002-12-08 00:28:42 ET

Just got back from yet another uneventful night at Midnight. Thank god we got there late. I couldn't have taken it if we had gotten there earlier. We almost went to Jersey tonight but i wasn't in the mood to sit in the car for 6 hours to see the Cruxshadows (which is somewhat ironic since Scott offered us free tickets for the baltimore show....i wouldn't even drive to baltimore for that). Micky was there with his girlfriend which made things strange (i guess i'm just not used to having her around). He is the other midnight buddy but since they were smooching all night i kept my distance (don't want to add any more wood to the fire as my mother would say). Scott bought me a drink which was so nice of him. I'm so broke i could only afford one : ( Apparently next week i might start working the door collecting people's money. FUN!!! After the club we went to the 24 hour walmart. I scored some really nice fabric for under $1!!!! And now i'm home so horribly tired. I still need to update on the wednesday shenanigans, post up snow filled pictures of richmond, and upload pictures of Hocico from over a month ago for Jesse! So much to do. I'm thinking right now though i'm going to snuggle up in my warm blanket, chill with some porto, and watch "The Young Ones" to cheer me up before passing out into dreamland.

2002-12-08 05:42:17 ET

Is that purple haired Jesse you are referring to?

2002-12-08 10:58:58 ET

I believe so (he's got red hair now). It's the Jesse who used to go out with Rachel. I was supposed to get him those pictures so long ago but stupid yahoo keeps closing my account. arrgghhh.

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