Road Trip!!!
2002-12-09 23:06:33 ET

Could it be??? After years of waiting?? I know what I'll be doing then (prays to God it's not happening when I'm in Florida).
From Dr. Funz himself:

"Arzt+Pfusch (note the spelling and spacing...), have been contacted with a serious offer from a serious promoter in USA, wanting us to go to New York in March/April 2003 for a concert! IF the concert is a success we will start planning a full US tour. So you better start saving up money for travelling to NY to see our Virgin concert on US soil.
I'm Personally VERY excited to go to the USA, I would love to see "Ground Zero" and get pissed off, since I despise the Terrorist attacks in 2002, I personally fully support their war on Terror. (please tell me where to drop some bombs :-)
This is NOT an Official Arzt+Pfusch statement, but my personal feelings. Take it or leave it."

*happy ::banana:: dance*

2002-12-10 11:43:39 ET


I am there.

2002-12-10 17:19:19 ET


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