Fires, Donuts, Cigarettes and Coffee.......
2002-12-19 02:01:03 ET

This past week has so completely hectic I don't even know where to begin.
But I'm too tired to write about any of it at the moment since I arrived home not too long ago from Baltimore/ Philly shenanigans.

Looking forward to next week. Everyone is coming home for
X-Mas. Mah Lauren and Lila (DanPratt) arrive on Monday. Woot!
Tentative Plans for Next week: Lord of the Rings/ Gangs of New York, Richmond, Jersey, Alchemy, Wedding Dress Shopping w/ Lauren and her mom, Big Meanie (<3 Chris) opening for Steve-O @ 930 club, visiting old co-workers @ Guitar Center, and the list goes on and on and.......

I just hope I have the energy to do all that driving. : P

2002-12-19 02:03:51 ET

Merry Xmas!

2002-12-19 04:12:09 ET

Hells! We're gonna rule the illinest nights there ever was. If we go to that hooka bar again though, you guys have to help me mooderate so's I don't become nausea-city again :0

2002-12-20 00:14:40 ET

Rix: Merry Xmas to you too. : )

Dan Pratt: SHHHIIITT!!!!! Oh of midnite, you should come venture out to alchemy w/ us. I promise much better music and more people to laugh at : P
And lunch at the german restaurant.
No hooka bar. We don't want a sick Lila. : (

2002-12-20 07:05:53 ET

Gangs of New York...fuck yes!!

It got fabulous reviews from a historical standpoint- correct facts, costumes, scenery, but apparently other than that it's a bit "done"....

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