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2002-12-28 02:15:12 ET

Scenario: Sitting at the Village w/ Lauren, Tammy, and Jeniphir.

Conversation: Breast feeding. (for those who don't know, my friend lauren is 6 1/2 months pregnant)

Situation goes as follows:
Asshole waiter sneezed.
Being polite I said "bless you" but what actually came out, "Breast you" .Twice.

Another moment i won't be able to live down.
: P

2002-12-28 04:47:30 ET


2002-12-28 05:27:05 ET

I am so not suprised that a conversation with Jeniphir included the topic of breast feeding. Even without someone being pregnant at the table I am sure Jeniphir could some how include that topic in there. :) Damn, I miss Richmond. tell her that mr. marshall and I give a great big hollar hello.

2003-01-03 01:33:46 ET

Bio: and boobs.

Sickbox: You never know what can go on when jeniphir's around. : )
I was actually surprised cause usually whenever i see her, she'll grab my boobs or my ass. lol. Thinking about it now, it was her that brought up the subject of breast feeding. Oi.
I will relay your message of hello to her (i'm trying to convince that hoe to go up to jersey for the das ich show...since rachel and tammi -don't know if you know her- will be coming too).
As for missing richmond, just be glad you got out. That damn richmond curse...once you've lived there, it's a bitch to leave.

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