2003-01-31 04:00:22 ET

So it's safe to say it has not been my week or even my month. I was hoping to cheer up a bit by getting out of the state for a night. So i crawled out of my hole for philly shenanigans which turned out to be a complete waste of time. We only went because of boredom and other D.C. people were going. We found one person and lost him soon after. The drama didn't help either. Too crowded and the people were rude. It made me appreciate the spacious Alchemy dancefloor. I've come to the conclusion I don't have the heart anymore to deal w/ clubs or the people who go to them. I don't even like dancing anymore, blah. On top of that my mother told me i was getting fat and i should go to the gym (thanks for the self esteem boost). Then today, to add on to everything else, winter threw me an icy road causing me to slide, side swiping this guy's bumper breaking my tail light cover. And yes, a new dent on the side (which is perfect after having paid alot of money to repaint my car after my last accident). Luckily all he had was a scratch so we had a laugh and i was on my way. I do not have the money right now to pay for a new bumper for this man. It could have been much worse.
So yes to end my rant, i officially hate winter and anything associated with it. Spring needs to come soon.

2003-01-31 09:59:15 ET

eep!! I'm just glad you're doing ok. Damn you winter weather! damn you! @!*&(#$ That reminds me of the car accident I had in August when the bitch stopped and it was raining and I slid. It was not pretty


I'll call you later. I'm sorry you're having a bad time with things right now.

2003-01-31 10:31:42 ET

Down with ice & snow.

I'm sorry, Nancy. <3
Screw clubs.
Save the drama for your mama.

2003-01-31 22:06:17 ET

i'm with you on hating winter. i had a near accident tonight.... mine was almost with an interstate side railing.... i hate black ice...

fuck scensters.... the people you wanna spend time with are the ones you see outside of the clubs anyway.

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