2003-02-19 16:49:06 ET

2003 sucks. Simple as that.
While I wait for my Tostino pizza to cook, I figured I'd update since it's been awhile. Nothing overtly exciting. The snow has been horrid keeping me secluded in my house with no where to go. I don't have a car since my mother doesn't want to drive hers so no luck on the job hunting. To top things off, I woke up this morning with horrible stomach cramps. Food poisoning. Perfect. I actually had plans for once. Go figures.
I've been good with my smoking habits. Only 1 cigarette a day. Not the pack a day habit. I can actually breathe. It feels pretty good.
There needs to be some excitement soon. I can't take the boredom anymore. *DING* Time for my pizza.

2003-02-19 16:51:40 ET

God damn snow.
Don't get me started on snow.
'cause believe me, you can get me started on snow.

Enjoy your Italian cuisine.

2003-02-19 18:17:48 ET

how bad did you guys get hammered?

and hey i will be down in Richmond from the 9th through the 13th so if ya roll into town we should gets together. :)

2003-02-20 16:09:21 ET

I ate Tostino (or whatever it is called) all weekend long when I was snowed in...it was on sale at Food Lion, so of course we bought like 500 of them....but tasty indeed!

2003-02-20 20:58:26 ET

Bio: Snow Genocide. It's funny. The city spent about $150,000 on a snow burner truck. Just ONE truck for DC, Northern Va, and Maryland. Ha. Snow. Yes, let's not get on that topic again.

Sickbox: I know we got over a foot of snow. I think it was 20 inches. I know you guys got way more than we did but they're pussies here and freak out of there is 3 inches of snow. If you're coming to town, I will definitely make the trip for some hanging out. It's been a while since I've down there. Just PM me with details and we can go from that.

Emily: Tostino is so good. They had a sale at Harris Teeter. It was a buck each so my mom stocked up. Eating Tostinos reminds me of lounging out at jeniphir's cause that's usually what we'd eat. Speaking of which, next time i'm down, we should hang out. Jeniphir's been having a bad time lately so we should cheer her up.

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