2003-02-20 20:51:32 ET

I'm so excited cause later today I'm totally going to rock the movie theater. Gods and Generals comes out. I'm giddy. Yes I'm a dork but I'm a civil war geek so it's going to be a treat. Gettysburg is one of my favorite movies (Gods and Generals is its prequel). Too bad Lauren isn't here cause she was as excited to see it as I am. I hate going to the movies by myself but I'll make an exception for this since no one else is going to see it with me. I'm not going to drag someone to a 4 hour movie if they're not interested in it. I'll do that then do some craft shopping. I've got only a month left to work on the presents for Lauren's baby. : )

2003-02-20 21:00:25 ET

I would go with you in a heartbeat. That movie looks good. Too bad I am still in Texas. Soon though. I will be rocking DC once again. Muhaha. Enjoy the movie

2003-02-20 21:21:47 ET

let me know how the movie was...

2003-02-20 22:08:35 ET

When are you going? I'm always up for crafts.


2003-02-21 04:51:42 ET

I want to see it to; I love American History. Have you ever seen Glory? That movie is amazing!

2003-02-22 06:59:54 ET

how was it? we were totally gonna go but we went and say the Life of David Gale instead.

2003-02-22 07:18:22 ET

Gods and Generals looks really good- hope you enjoyed it

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