2003-02-23 14:59:25 ET

My sister just found something out quite amusing. It turns out that the 'dean of students' of her school participated in the "Mr. Maryland Leather 2000" competition. There are pictures of him online in bondage gear kissing other men. Now the only reason this would be a big deal is because she goes to a Catholic school which has its share of scandal. When I went there, there was a "student" who enrolled claiming to have been Steven Spielberg's nephew. He was "15", drove a BMW, got special treatment and was very fond of the freshman girls. He even parkedin the principal's parking spot. Ha, well it turned out that he was a !27! yr old Iranian immigrant posing as a student. Shocker. Even Spin magazine wrote an article on him and the school. Hahaha. Something's always going on over there.

2003-02-23 15:05:46 ET

Which school was this? I went to St.Johns in DC on Military Road for a bit as well as Holy Comforter in the early 90s. Catholic Schools are wierd. More behind the curtain stuff going on that in public schools.

2003-02-23 15:10:48 ET

I went to Paul VI in Fairfax. Back in the day it was Fairfax High School which had been moved to a bigger building down the street.
My school was a joke. They were all about the bling bling. That's why they let that guy in. They thought they were going to get money out of it and looked what happened. I'm surprised they weren't slapped with a bunch of lawsuits. As for the "dean of students", I say let him have his lifestyle. I don't see anything wrong with that but unfortunately the parents of the students wouldn't be so understanding.

2003-02-23 15:12:51 ET

I agree with the opinion on the dean of students. It just would look bad for a Catholic school to have a dead with such "unchristian like" extra-curricular activites.

2003-02-23 15:33:31 ET

I remember hearing about that "Spielburg" kid after it all came out...craziness!!

2003-02-23 17:22:59 ET

I was a senior when it all happened. I use to see him around school all the time. I felt bad for him cause everyone was mean to him (if you weren't kissing his ass, then you were threatening to beat his ass). He went there for a YEAR before anyone found out. I laughed my ass off when i heard though.

2003-02-23 18:00:37 ET

oh jeez!

Mr. Catholic Leather 2000


2003-02-24 05:06:54 ET

Oh man, that whole story RULES! They couldn't tell the difference between a 27 year old guy and a 15 year old kid?
Thre were a few scandles at my high school too. Namely, whne I was a senior there was this Calculus teacher that like everyone adored; he had been teaching there for like years and years...then, suddenly, he was on "leave of absence" because of an "emergancy." the rumer mill went into full force after he was gone a few weeks and none of the administration would tell us where he was; kids were guessing thins like he murdered someone and had to skip town, or that he was dying of cancer or AIDS....but when we finally found out what happened, NO ONE would have guessed it: the dude was arrested for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. It seems that he had been under investigation by the FBI after he was caught online soliciting a 13 year old girl via chat room and IM....this "13year old girl" was actually an under cover FBI agent. When they finally got a search warrent, they found two full harddrives of kiddie porn. TWO FULL. I laghed my ass off. I think child porn is disgusting and I hope he gets it "OZ" style. Whata sicko. But some kids loved him so much, they tried to defend his actions. Hike skool kids are stupid. I still have the news paper article, too.

2003-02-24 05:09:45 ET

PS I'm glad you're making more entries :-D

2003-02-24 05:17:02 ET

Engel: That's what I told my sister. Haha...she would never serve a detention for being late ever again.

DanPratt: Haha...i should scan the article and put it up for you to read. That guy at your school though....that story sounds sooo familiar. I think it was on Maury or something. Craziness. EWWWWW. It makes you think if he made a pass at any of the students. Wait, now i remember...the maury was a kindergarten teacher that was trying to pick up an agent who was posing as a 13 yr old. The craziness. I'm more than sure he's getting it "OZ" style and probably enjoying it. Speaking of OZ, did you catch the last episode??? I was dissapointed how they ended it. I hate it when a show has been on for as long as it has, but then they rush the ending which makes no sense. to end the show...I KNOW!!! Let's kill off half the cast. I mean, comon!!!

2003-02-24 05:20:56 ET

I totally watched it last night, dude....I didn't like it either
Ryan making up with his dad that quick? Whatever!
Cyril actually going to the chair? Disappointing.
Like all of these people dying? Figures.
Beecher getting the shaft like 800 times in 5 minutes? Lame.

I rarely see finalies that I really like anyway. Oh well.

2003-02-24 05:29:36 ET

Yeah exactly. What about the whole Ryan/ Dr. love story??
I can't believe she actually has feelings for him (the whole kissing him during cyril's execution). I mean, he had cyril kill her husband so he could be with her!? I must have missed something (there a couple of episodes over the years i still need to see). I can't take beecher seriously cause when i see him i think of weird science (the tv show). And Alvarez just giving up like that. That made me mad. Argghhh. Such a good show with a shit ending.

2003-02-24 07:07:37 ET

Totally was like, almost as disappointing as the last episode of Absolutley Fabulous (I don't know if you watched that show, but I did )

2003-02-24 07:12:34 ET

I use to be obsessed with AbFab but I never saw the last episode. Actually i didn't see that season cause it didn't seem as funny as the other ones. I think one of the best finales I've ever seen was the last episode of the Young Ones. I love that show. Speaking of good british shows, have you seen Coupling?? It's the british version of "Friends" but funnier. Gotta love the BBC.

2003-02-24 07:23:47 ET

I <3 BBC
I have never seen that show, actually, but if I notice it on, I'll catch it!
I used to watch The Young Ones too, but only occationally; it was never on when I was around a TV.

2003-03-17 04:33:21 ET

the Mr. Leather contest? awesome. lol. In my middle school their was a scandal cos my Social Studies teacher kept hitting on all the grrls. and my spanish teacher punched a grrl in the face when she acted out in class. he's still teacher there though.

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