O Sole Mio.......
2003-03-20 15:05:22 ET

These ever changing mood swings need to stop. NOW.
Happy...sad....happy....sad...etc, etc, etc. Isolation isn't bad but it does get lonely. Hopefully soon that will end. I've been more optimistic lately which is good. Looking at schools, waiting for the perfect job, etc. It's definitely baby steps but a little something is better than nothing. I wished I had something more exciting to say but maybe after the weekend. *fingers crossed*

2003-03-20 15:23:27 ET


Feeling happy is good. Do so.

2003-03-20 16:33:15 ET

I know how you feel
I was in a good mood yesterday and now I feel like smacking someone across the face with my c0k.

2003-03-20 17:22:45 ET

when i get in a bad mood, i think about m.c. hammer.... that sorry sonofabitch had everything and blew it...
see? at least you're not m.c. hammer.

2003-03-21 04:26:35 ET

Hahahaha, chaosculture; that was gold-winning advice :-D
Take care, Nancy ! :)

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