2006-11-30 20:51:21 ET

So this is my first entry in over two years.

What can I say?


It's been a while, huh?

For those who have been here a while and remember, my old account name was Talulah.

So, how've you been?

2006-11-30 21:02:05 ET

Welcome back

*touches you*

Where have you been?

2006-11-30 21:02:21 ET

Oh boy, we've missed you!

2006-11-30 21:03:09 ET

Gage - Ohh here, there, everywhere :S

Courtney- Aww I've missed you too!

2006-11-30 21:19:00 ET

welcome back!

2006-11-30 21:21:27 ET

I didn't think you'd been gone that long... or were you just not POSTING even before the account deletion? Doesn't the last post you made count? No way that was 2 years ago...

You know, accounts are restorable. I got banned for 2 years and didn't lose anything... :P

2006-11-30 22:01:23 ET

gosh have we really been on here this long?
its been since 01 or 02 for me.

2006-11-30 22:06:07 ET

Welcome Back!

I remember wondering where you had gone!

2006-11-30 22:12:46 ET

welcome back... this place has always had a boomerang effect on me

2006-11-30 23:19:05 ET

Welcome back!

Damn...why do I remember you?!?!?!

2006-12-01 00:04:44 ET

WOW. its been a long time. how have you been love?

2006-12-01 00:40:49 ET

Welcome Madison.

2006-12-01 01:40:07 ET

Glad you're back, I miss the retarded seal.

2006-12-01 04:14:15 ET

Yay Madi!

2006-12-01 05:35:14 ET

Holy crap! I thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth!

2006-12-01 10:34:04 ET


p.s. I was pezdispenser-o-doom. ;)

2006-12-01 11:03:46 ET

yay yay yay saw the pic knew it was yuo and got excited ! glad youre back

2006-12-01 11:27:23 ET

welcome back.

2006-12-02 05:59:26 ET

thanks everyone!! Yeah this place definitely does have the boomerang effect. I'm glad to be back!! :D

2006-12-05 13:51:38 ET

welcome back!

2006-12-21 09:12:30 ET

Hello there Alabama =)


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