2006-12-02 06:08:04 ET

I went to a very good agency yesterday.

I had never heard of them, but a lot of other models in Florida say they're good and have gotten them big work. I went at 4pm.

They said I was too big for a Florida market and want me to go to NYC at the end of January. Another huge transition.

I have finance issues at the moment. I paid of my debt and after buying a car I'm gonna be dwindling around zero for a week or so. I don't really NEED anything in that time period, so I should be okay. I just hate not having money reserved incase of an emergency... or incase of life.

I just have a lot of expenses this month on TOP of xmas. I don't know how I will finance all of it and not end up back in debt. I also have to start saving up for NYC.

Ahhhh I'm starting to hate this season.

Should be going out with Alyssa tonight. I wont be paying for any drinks though, obviously, since I'm broke... so hopefully there will be some chivalrous guys there, fingers crossed.

Madison xx

2006-12-02 06:18:42 ET

It seems as though life is good for you right now. Congratulations on NYC. That's awesome for you!

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