2006-12-12 02:58:57 ET

My kitten

I got him Sunday.

He was the sweetest cat Ive ever seen. I found him at the SPCA and he jumped on my lap immediately. We bonded. He sat on my lap the ride home. I slept with him in my arms.... he eat pizza?

Scott's dog killed him yesterday an hour after I left his house.

I'm devastated.

2006-12-12 03:27:14 ET



2006-12-12 04:45:16 ET

Holy shit. :/

2006-12-12 04:51:14 ET


2006-12-12 07:56:46 ET

omg.....Im sorry...that is really horrible.....:(

2006-12-12 08:18:10 ET

Wow.damn..that's horrible. My condolences are with you.


2006-12-15 10:53:40 ET

Geez! Yeah, I can't imagine :/

My kitten's 12 years old and, yeah, I don't like thinking about his eventual demise :(

2006-12-15 10:54:54 ET

thanks everyone, I appreciate it.

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