2006-12-15 10:50:50 ET

It's been a slow week, yet I dont know what happened to it. Its already over.

No big plans for tonight... possible party at Scott's house, but I want to go downtown.

I'm not over Lou and don't plan on being over it any time soon. I think of him everyday and I cry. He didn't deserve to die the way he did. I made him a promise I couldn't keep and when I saw his little grave today..adorned in home depot potted flowers, I cried and apologized.

Photoshoot tomorrow... I don't know the details. I have a interesting shoot Wednesday and Thursday. My shoot is Thursday for Guess, then I stay over at a hotel and do make up for two other models for another shoot the next day. Should be fun. I love staying in hotels, so I would've done the make up for free, really, just to have a night in one... I'm weird like that.

I think about getting a new kitten...I dont know if I'm ready and I do know I'll never find another cat like Lou... you just dont find cats like that everyday... But I think if its meant to be, I'll run across one that needs a home.


2006-12-15 10:53:33 ET

aww Im so sorry about Lou.....:( I wish there was something I could do to make it allll better....

but hotels are fun...:)

2006-12-15 13:18:04 ET

IT's a shame you dont live closer cos I have to get rid of my cat before I move. :[

2006-12-15 23:57:59 ET

Every time I see your avatar image, I just have to stop by. CHANGE IT, I'M STUCK!

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