Madison, The Gypsy
2006-12-24 08:25:59 ET

I want to run.

Again. Already.

I can't help it. Some people live their whole life in the same town having never moved more than once or twice. From the beginning, I moved on almost an annual basis. All over the US and after I was 16...all over the world.

It was addicting, but it was all I knew. Maybe it was easier to run from my problems then face them. Maybe it was just a constant need for new scenery. Maybe it was because I was always lonely because I was always the new kid.

I haven't seen some of my best friends in two years.

Ivan said Audrey Hepburn and I look similar. He's full of it, but that made me happy, thanks sweetie hahaha.

One time a gypsy threw a rock at my chaperone in Russia. I relate to them. Not because I throw rocks or don't bathe... but because we can pack up our things into bags...granted mine are two oversized suitcases, and dissapear.

Maybe I'll stick it out this time for a while longer. Just to prove that I can.

Plus, its times like these when people show if their truly a good friend...few do, but at least you know. 2 for 1 shots at the local gay club also help.

I miss Jody :(

2006-12-24 10:28:45 ET

I don't know if this is considered a compliment or not.I talked actually with you briefly on myspace a long time ago. I must say, i almost did not recognize you.. now. Of course i understand you go through tons of changes and looks and shit with your work. But, i'll just say.. you look better now haha and that sounds so bad because you looked great then.But you know what i mean.. i think =)

2006-12-24 13:40:31 ET


2006-12-24 16:51:25 ET

How long has it been since youve been back here? Its weird to think youve been so many other places than here, only because Ive only known you here. If that makes any sense. But my biggest memory of you is your 1st grade Mexican fiesta with my brother. Maybe because I have it on tape, or maybe because I thought you were soo cool. Plus you were my brothers partner in the dances. hahaha! I also remember meeting the Poole's. Do you remember them? Well I think I may have had a crush on Ritchie. haha...oh well..enough rambling. I hope your holidays are merry. :)

2006-12-25 15:46:01 ET

travelling around is fun and imo will expand your mind far more then any amount of tasty tasty acid could. my parents did it to me when i was younger and now i have a say in it, i am doing it to myself, constant migration when youre young might not be a bad thing, at least you will never have to deal or at least wont have to deal with for the time being the stagnation of being stuck in the same town with no prospects or need/want to go anywhere, physically or in the broader more universal sense.

i would call these things blessings if they werent such a load of bollocks to live through. i was lonely when i was travelling, but i made sure i came back for 6 months to at least keep in contact with the important people, as long as they dont think you abandoned them, gladly mine didnt, but still, keep in contact because its alot harder to get back in contact sometimes.

2006-12-27 13:56:43 ET

Move to Southern Cali.


2006-12-28 06:20:14 ET

That IS an option, no?

2007-01-04 09:05:48 ET

yeah... that would be awesome!!! Id get way more work in LA

2007-01-04 10:03:09 ET

and you and I can get hookers together!

2007-01-04 10:51:31 ET

pinky swear???

2007-01-04 15:22:45 ET

Oh, I do.

2007-01-08 14:18:52 ET

And I can shoot you too!

With a camera of course, not that the handgun wallpapers I made for you back in the day weren't fun.

Yes - come to Cali.


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