2007-01-04 09:08:07 ET

How do I summarize the events that have occured over the last 2.5 weeks?

With incomplete sentences.

Had 400 dollars stolen out of my car.

Met a boy.
Fell in love. Hard.
He fell too...
Weve been together just about every day and night sence.
He asked me out the day after Xmas.
I paint for him.

We had crazy sex last night and he pulled his back
Now he's grumpy and can't really move.
So I'm gonna drop off a therma back thing at his work today...

Except I left my cell phone at his house
and my car is being reupholstered...
and they're gonna call my cell when its ready
but its at his house...

I also need to call my agency and photogs...
but guess where their numbers are?

Yes. On my cell.

Doodoo shoes.

2007-01-04 09:27:00 ET

sucks about the cash being stolen , but yay for new love that makes you happy !

2007-01-04 09:31:24 ET

I second stellar.

2007-01-04 10:52:02 ET

<33 thanks! Happy new years lovies!

2007-01-04 10:52:50 ET

See, this proves why I feel so lost without my cell phone. Everyone makes fun of me when I feel so lost without it, but what they don't understand is that...days like these get all screwed up when you don't have it!

Goodluck, I hope your day gets better once you get your cell back!

2007-01-04 10:53:54 ET

I basically can't work today because I can't get in touch with anyone. So I'm stoned off my ass, painting pictures and watching Tool Time...

2007-01-04 10:55:47 ET

hahahaha well that is a good solution to the problem...!

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