m2 Modeling
2007-01-14 07:43:18 ET

I started an alternative fashion modeling/talent agency.

Based in Florida.

Yep. That's basically what I've been up to.

2007-01-14 09:52:02 ET

I was going to stop "modeling" (in quotes because I never really considered myself a model) but Drop Dead Magazine wants to make me an exclusive model or something, and a lot of the people on staff are people I know and respect, so I guess I'm torn. :/

Seems like Florida has a lot of alternative models.

2007-01-14 11:00:17 ET

Wow. That's awesome. Good for you, Madi. ♥

2007-01-14 12:10:20 ET

Seems like quite a project out of the blue.

2007-01-14 16:06:16 ET

If you need someone handsome and sexy, look no further.

2007-01-14 17:27:27 ET

Did you just call me handsome and sexy?

2007-01-14 17:38:40 ET

hannah - that sounds awesome, and your right.. there are a lot of agencies in florida but not a lot of agencies geared toward the alternative fashion.. congrats on the mag though!

faint- not... totally

2007-01-14 17:39:09 ET

Mel - you need to get your butt down here and be my make up artist

2007-01-14 18:03:46 ET

Oh honey, I would love to visit. Perhaps sometime soon when I can actually take a day off of work. Then again, a really good friend of mine is a licensed make up artist. She could do that & I could do the photography.

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