m2 Pics from Saturday
2007-02-05 19:14:32 ET

these are the second set of shots for my new agency....wooo

2007-02-06 12:54:43 ET

The first and third are the best.

2007-02-08 02:43:36 ET

most people like number 2

2007-02-08 07:57:19 ET

Haha. Well, being a photog I think that they are the best are far as composition & catching the eye. That's just me, though. :]

2007-02-08 08:05:11 ET

I'm just going by which one most of the clients bought.

2007-02-08 12:59:27 ET

As you should!

2007-02-08 14:26:02 ET

its so weird... me, a make up artist, and a photographer were reviewing our shots a few months ago...and it was so funny how everyone has their own favorites based on what they do... the photog liked it for certain reasons, the MUA liked another one for certain reasons... etc

2007-02-08 18:30:50 ET

Yeah. It's cool how that works.

2007-05-05 12:33:29 ET

you ladies are lovely...the photos could be better though.

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