Cigar Lounge Shoot
2007-02-08 08:06:12 ET

My m2 girls

2007-02-08 08:35:10 ET

i really like this photo..the models look like they're having fun and are comfortable with this set......i like it

2007-02-08 12:59:51 ET

This is awesome.

2007-02-08 14:24:59 ET

they're the best!! Mellll you need to get down here and shoot with us!!

2007-02-08 18:30:26 ET

I would love to shoot you guys. When I get moved & settled Ill definitly make the trip!

2007-03-16 17:36:56 ET

I love this. It's too bad I wasn't in on the fun.

2007-03-26 02:57:19 ET

come next time!!!!!!! i love you all

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