2011-05-14 16:05:22 ET

Just thinking about me and Gryfin. Wondering if she remembers the Bloody Mary dream we shared.

It is odd when you connect with someone on a spritual level. The connection is never broken, no matter where life takes you or how it may change you.

Life pulses and flows and real connections are never broken. It makes me wonder about the order of the universe. Maybe there is more than what we see and hear going on. At 3:30 in the am I awake almost every night and thoughts are injected into my mind, one of those thoughts is often of the time I spent with Gryfin. Glad to connect with her again on this plane of reality.

2011-05-15 00:43:45 ET

aww... you know you can't get rid of me.


*kinda like herpes but with less itching

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