Russian Radio Star
2006-02-21 05:02:05 ET

Wow...I was just interviewed about my job on Russian Radio! Which is funny because I am not Russian, nor do I speak Russian. For all i know I could have been interviewed as the biggest ASS in Brooklyn...jeez I hope not!

2006-02-21 05:23:03 ET

LMFAO!! Were THEY speaking Russian?

2006-02-21 07:52:35 ET

They sure were!!! I got the jist of it though...they mixed in some job helps a lot of Russian kids....

2006-02-21 13:53:07 ET

Okay-- so I guess the radio show isnt IN russia, but perhaps is FOR russians? Otherwise your interview would be confusing to alot of listeners.. XD

2006-02-21 14:48:06 ET

lol...yes broadcast live in the 5 boroughs of NYC...especially Brighton Beach!

2006-02-21 17:21:14 ET

I miss living in a Russian neighborhood.

They don't have Baltika in Jersey, Mike. It's a crying shame...

2006-02-21 17:59:17 ET

Damn shame....i went to Russia once...awesome country...beautiful architecture

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