Call For Submissions    2008-07-07 17:08:22 ET

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We are currently seeking submissions for a magazine based around the concept that is at the heart of Writers, Prizefighters And Caffeine Inspired All Nighters. The Right Hook Editions will focus on poetry and the Southpaw Grammar Editions are going to be centred around various types of fiction. If you have art we could do with that too.

At the moment, until we have got this off the ground there will unfortunately be no remuneration but we plan to remedy this as soon as possible.

Please send any text files as an attachment in Rich Text Format or JPEG and BMP for images. If you could please attach a short biography with your submissions. A maximum of 3 poems and/or 3 prose pieces can be sent. When sending images bear in mind the size of the files -- a link to an image hosted on a site may be preferable.

All rights will be retained by respective authors and artists.

Anyone who has books for review or wishes to be interviewed can contact me here Interviews

 panic attack    2008-06-26 14:06:27 ET
a panic attack landed on me today. they haven't for a while. the last serious one was brought on by a possible appearance on a radio show i wanted no par of. what did it today? the kids inviting some guy round i don't know. some day i have a problem with strangers and personal space. i sat here firing out emails and twitters (i deleted those) trying to get someone to talk to me. but they didn't.
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 My Books!    2008-06-23 14:27:45 ET

these are some of the books i have been working on this week -- all covers designed by moi.

let me know what you think.

you can buy them here my store

 Knowing    2008-06-12 11:50:09 ET
Do you ever really know anyone? I think it's possible with some people -- with those you love it seems an almost effortless place that you both exist in. Friends seem to be a more mercurial proposition. You have the whole thing where you can't live someone's life for them and you know you make your own mistakes but you look at what they are doing and you have to worry about them. You worry not only about what it will do to them, but what this kind of behaviour has already done to them. You look at how they are willing to act and you start to question whether or not you know them.

I would never sit in judgment on someone and their choices, but I have to be free to make the choice not to associate with someone. I know that seems like I am being judgmental, but as far as I am concerned if I don't have to see it or hear about it then it is not my problem. My friends are adults and are responsible for themselves but when they affect me or mine it gives it a slightly different cast. When their behaviour directly affects me it gives me the right to an opinion. Fuck, why are people so untrustworthy? Sure -- screw over those who have screwed you over, but your friends? How does that make sense? It seems that some people just can't help themselves.

 books    2008-06-10 11:32:36 ET
So, I sold some books today. It feels good -- I mean, I know the person who bought them and everything but it is not as if there was any pressure applied. I am hoping that at some point the sales are going to take off more though. I need to have a re-think of the marketing strategy which as of the moment is what one might call lacking ... still, what the hell are you supposed to do on a budget of nothing? Not much you can do right? Well, there are methods and I have been investigating them and trying to crack the market. Problem is people want something for free everywhere they go -- I know, I understand; I am like that myself to a degree. I am slightly dubious about creative commons and setting up micropayments doesn't seem to be the easiest thing in the world. I have to work this out ... I seriously do. I have a good product and that is the first step. I shall soon have more product and that will make for diversity -- a way to satisfy all those consumers out there who want my writing but just don't know it yet.

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