2008-06-07 16:50:15 ET

So, I have been writing a lot of serial flash fiction at the moment. I am well into a story featuring this hitman called Grit who basically attaches little value to any life but his own. Seems to be going down well on the website.

I have a horror detective fiction cross called Else City which is coming on nicely and I have just started writing a Cthulu themed piece called Squid Pro Quo.

I am wondering about how well a collection of flash fiction might sell. It seems to have somewhat revitalised the short story so I am hoping there might be some interest.

I have to get a move on and get the poetry collected together. I think I have some really strong pieces that cover a variety of subjects and are relevant to modern life in a way that most people's idea of poetry doesn't encompass.

2008-06-07 23:45:57 ET

Welcome to SK. How difficult was it for you to get your work published?

2008-06-10 11:57:13 ET

Pretty much all the work I have had published has been asked for by the people putting the projects together. I am self publishing some of these things now -- it is getting less of a stigma attached to it. A lot of that stigma came from bad production values but I work hard to avoid that and I am getting good feedback in those areas. The hardest thing is generating enough publicity to shift things.

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