2004-03-19 05:20:16 ET

Well today i am off to canada for the night...me and my friend mike decided last night that we wanted to go to canada today...so saturday i am skipping work and we are leaveing about 2pm today...we are headed to niagra falls...which is about 3 hours from me...i live in Syracuse,NY...well i will talk to everyone when i get back and thank you all for the warm welcome to the site.

2004-03-19 05:30:05 ET

My friend recently got her wheels, and she's totally like, "Dude, we have to go bowling in Canada, just to say we can." Because she gave me a random card that says "Remember that time we went bowling in Canada?" and then a bunch of rambling from her. ^_^

2004-03-19 06:33:32 ET

Canada rules.

2004-03-19 07:53:17 ET

wooo Canada ^_^
dooo dooooooo I am canadian! *dances*
Late welcome!!!!

2004-03-30 22:07:58 ET

Canada rocks! Our beer is so much better then yours! Oh ya...it had to be said...Are you close to Wilson NY? I have cousins that live there and we were always going to Niagra Falls...

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