2004-03-19 07:13:19 ET

ok now i am NOT going to canada today because my friend just called and he is sick so we arent going....now i will just be bored all weekend blah........

2004-03-19 07:26:18 ET

I'm sorry...but there's plenty of things to do for entertainment! Like masturbation.

2004-03-19 07:31:00 ET

You could always come up here yourself.. frolic around in Niagara Falls, frightening the Amish tourists and eating copious amounts of fudge..

mmm. Fudge.

2004-03-19 09:35:25 ET

That is teh suq. Sorry to hear that. There's gotta be SOMEthing else to do, eh?

2004-03-19 11:34:23 ET

awe! make it fun anyway!! : )

2004-03-19 15:33:35 ET

you won't be the only one. ha

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