2004-03-21 07:57:46 ET

well its about 1pm and i am bored outta my skull....anyone wanna hang out till about 6pm...

2004-03-21 07:59:12 ET

Woah...*rubs eyes and yawns* It's just barely 10 here. I just woke up!!

2004-03-21 08:01:37 ET

hey whoa.....you're new...I am late

2004-03-21 09:12:20 ET

pfftt... get to cali and THEN we can talk. :-p

2004-03-22 16:29:11 ET

yeah i am really late srry bud but hey welcome to SK and yeah talk to me whenever and that good stuff check ya later

2004-03-27 22:02:38 ET

good too see more people with pentagrams on their page.

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