2004-03-22 16:57:24 ET

well my date was postponed till today...just got back from it...i thought it went ok...she seems not very interested though...which i guess i should be used to girls not being interested in me though...and shes really cute...wish she was interested...i asked if she wanted me to call her later and she said..."umm yeah call me tomarrow or the next day or something..."seems like lack of interest to me...but enough of my ranting...

2004-03-22 16:59:02 ET

Dates always go bad for me :( Especially with girls, they're very complicated sometimes. Maybe she's playing hard to get?

2004-03-22 17:29:40 ET

she was probably shy or something

2004-03-22 17:38:13 ET

or stressed out.

i do the same thing

if i really like a guy. i seem not interested and distant.

2004-03-23 11:59:30 ET

dont worry suga, you always got me ^.^

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