2004-03-26 05:47:43 ET

today i have the day off of work....what to do?what to do?....i may go to the mall and buy the first season of the chapelle show...i dunno...i dont even know why i woke up at like 10:30am...i wanted to sleep till like noon.Well anyways i think i am gonna shower soon.

2004-03-26 06:41:37 ET

bathing is good.... you look like Dave Attel

2004-03-26 11:48:48 ET

no sub, he does not look like a drunken 40yr old dirty man (even tho i watch the show and its funny BUT! thats not the point)
he looks like the naturalist from mad,mad house!

2004-03-26 13:22:13 ET


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