2004-03-29 14:19:01 ET

i just found out my ex...who is now a stripper last bf was only 17 and she is 26 gonna be 27 next month...i told her she was a pedaphile and she got pissed at me...but that like 10 years age difference...i just dont think thats right...am i the only one who thinks that he should of been at least 18?

2004-03-29 15:06:46 ET

Age is no biggie, but they should definately at least be legal. Oi.

2004-03-30 22:05:15 ET

Ya i agreee...after 18 age isn't a biggie...but that is a little wrong...i couldn't do that...but thats just me.

2004-03-31 13:30:19 ET

why are you even talking to her?
i dunno, the way i see it an x is an x and will always stay an x and i would never speak to them ever again cuz they're not worthy of my friendship or trust or anything for that matter. but there are maybe like 1 or 2 exceptions to this rule (if ur DAMN lucky).

as for the pedaphile thing, yes, i agree, he should at least be 18, then again, thats still wrong cuz there's such a big gap. girls are already 2 years more advanced than boys so by adding that 10 more years. thats like a total of 12 years being older than the guy (mentally of course. 10yrs just physically. ewww...can u imagine if she is like 50 he'll be 40. she'd already be all wrinkly and yucky and bleh going thru menopause and all taht other horrible old lady stuff. GORSS YUCK! what a sick fuck...sorry hahaha!!!!)!

i dunno...i'm rambling...again!

2004-04-01 05:40:07 ET

eh i have a 5 year rule. if it's more than 5 in each direction then they are to young for me. (being that i am 31 you can do the math) on that note i use to have the no one under the drinking age rule also. i just dont think i would have much in common with someone so much younger.

not saying anything about younger people i just like them to be in my so called "peer group"

2004-04-15 12:51:41 ET

I dated a 27 yr old when I was 18, and a 39 yr old at 19.. and broke things off with both because they were just too immature.
Physical age really doesn't mean a damned thing.

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